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Zebbler Encanti Experience [INTERVIEW]

Zebbler Encanti Experience [INTERVIEW]

Written by Fatima Hasan

Peter Berdovsky (aka Zebbler) is a visual artist, video jockey, professor, and founder of Zebbler Studios. He was the engineer behind the projection mapped projects for Shpongle and EOTO and assisted with Infected Mushroom’s stage construction. Zebbler has developed visual shows and performed as a VJ at events across the country.

Shpongletron (2011) >>shpongletron_bright_lasers_first_pic.jpg

EOTO Lotus (2012-2013) >>eoto_lasers02.jpg

Shpongletron 3 (2014) >>shpongletron3_07.jpg

Ben Cantil (aka Encanti) is a music producer, performer, synthesist, sound designer, video jockey, and DJ. Additionally, Cantil is an assistant professor, teaching a masters degree program at Berklee College of Music, at the Valencia, Spain campus. He has taught a multitude of courses, some of which include Electronic Dance Music Creation with Ableton Live, Electronic Production and Live Performance, and Music Video Production. Sharing his experience as a professor, Cantil explained, “I really love teaching. It is so rewarding to help cultivate the next generation of music makers. Me and Zebbler have been working together for the last two years, leading audio/visual workshops over there.”


When two great minds come together, magic happens…

Cantil recalled their first introduction, “we met in 2007, I saw one of his shows and we had mutual friends. He needed sound for a new three-screen piece and I worked on it…we collaborated ever since.” Through an immersive performance of a live audio/visual combination, the Experience becomes a fantasy world in which audiences can completely free themselves in a brilliant alternate reality. The duo utilizes a three-winged projection screen to map out custom visuals while bumping heavy psychedelic bass music, creating an unparalleled atmosphere.

zee stage.jpg

Both of these artists have been able to excel in their fields as individuals and as a duo through hard work and determination. “I’ve wanted a career in music ever since I was young enough to think of careers,” expressed Cantil. He was particularly fascinated with the diversity of electronic music, and growing up in Alaska allowed for Cantil to fully engage himself in his passion due to the isolation. “I never had a backup plan, and that’s mainly because of my grandfather. When he was 90 years old, I was going off to college. The last piece of advice he gave me, he said: ‘Ben, don’t have a Plan B…because if you do, you’ll end up at Plan B.”

zebbler encanti stage 2.jpg

One of Cantil’s most significant inspirations has been the acclaimed and celebrated Burning Man festival. He stated, “the experience itself has always spoken directly to my soul. I love that you can experience so many different genres, all mixed up with more than just music. There is all sorts of audio/visual art… you’re completely immersed for a week, and you enjoy the whole thing without really thinking about money transactions or lineups. For me, it’s a very pure artistic experience.”


When they’re not spending their time enriching students, Zebbler and Encanti have relentlessly traveled around the United States together performing shows. Throughout their journeys, the duo tries to set aside some time in order to enjoy nature. When reminiscing about one of his most memorable experiences, Cantil explained, “one time we went to the Grand Canyon… we went out like pioneers all the way to the top of the ridge!” Their plan was to camp somewhere secluded and far out. Once the Zebbler Encanti crew reached a prime camping location, they set up a fire and were ready to cook up some burgers that they brought, but then realized that they didn’t bring any cooking materials. “We didn’t have pots or pans or anything! So we wrapped burgers in bark, and we threw the ‘bark burgers’ into the fire. We cooked that way, they kinda smoked up on the inside, and we eventually watched the sunrise over the Grand Canyon while eating our bark burgers.”

Zebbler Encanti Experience presents a remarkable performance that will leave audience members in awe. We can’t wait to see what this duo has in store for the future! Free download links to all of their released albums have been provided below.

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