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Rest in Pierce [INTERVIEW]

Rest in Pierce [INTERVIEW]

Interviewed and Written by Fatima Hasan

If you’re into the weird and wonky, music by Rest in Pierce should definitely be in your playlists. Hailing from Orlando, Florida, Logan Pierce has been steadily making a name for himself as he emerges from the underground dubstep and experimental bass scene. He’s a member of Sugoi Collective, a supportive community of artists that also includes prominent up-and-coming talent like Mystic Grizzly, Rumblenaut, ChoppyOppy, GrymeTyme, Wreckno, MORPHICS, and more. One of my favorite aspects about Rest in Pierce is his consistent release of new, quality tracks. Each time he publicizes a new song, I am left thoroughly impressed because of the obvious passion and ear he has for his music. He releases short EPs pretty frequently, always providing his fans with unique material and something to look forward to as he continues to expand his sound and production techniques. Some fan-favorite tracks like Sludge, Turbulence, Drive-By, Squirm, and Midnight all feature Rest in Pierce’s signature sound while having a twist that is completely one-of-a-kind. In my opinion, it’s only a matter of time before Rest in Pierce is recognized as a fundamental part of the experimental bass scene since he unquestionably stands out from other artists. In 2018 alone, he has performed alongside talent like Jantsen, Toadface, Smith., Esseks, Of the Trees, kLL sMTH, and many more. He just recently reached 4k followers on SoundCloud, and to celebrate, he dropped a new track along with an exclusive merch collaboration with A 40oz Collective!

Where are you from? What is the music scene like near your hometown?

“I am from Lakeland, Florida. It’s a small Central Florida city. There is no electronic music scene where I was born and raised. I moved to Orlando when I was 18 to attend the University of Central Florida, and this is where I got into the electronic music scene. I used to listen to dubstep and trap when I was in highschool but never dove deep into anyone’s discography; I just liked how they sounded on my car’s system. Fast forward a few years – now Orlando’s bass music scene is my family. I would describe it as a tight-knit community of sharing music and pushing each other to create higher quality tunes. Nowhere I have played quite compares, the expectations are high and I think that has played a major role in my quick growth as an artist.”


Why did you choose the stage name of Rest in Pierce? Were there any other aliases that you considered or used in the past? 

“My last name is Pierce, so it’s just a play on words. I have been Rest in Pierce from the first show – I started my career in April of 2016 when I submitted a mix into a mix competition to open for Space Jesus. I ended up winning a spot and that was the beginning of Rest in Pierce. From there, I played a few more shows without originals but eventually realized that I wanted to create my own content to hopefully be able to play an hour of only original music. Today I can say I have far surpassed that goal!”


What is your musical background and how did you start? How old were you when you made your first bass track?

“I have 0 musical background, I played sports my whole life and never learned an instrument. I make my music just based on what I think sounds good. I was 20 when I made my first track; my good friend Fowl Play showed me the ropes on Logic Pro X and since then I have made it my goal to learn something new every day.”

Is there anything you’ve learned about the music industry that is different than your initial expectations?

“I didn’t really have any expectations to begin with, to be honest, if you would have told me 2 years ago that I’d be getting interviewed, I would have laughed!”


Other musicians/producers who inspire you?

“Tipper, kursa, chee, TLZMN, eprom, G Jones, Yheti, Space Jesus, Ivy Lab, Nosia, Razat, Vorso, monty, fixate… could keep going for days.”


What was the best advice you’ve ever received? Did you listen to it?

“The best advice I ever received is to know and stay true to your vision. Always grow organically and just focus on making music that you resonate with, it will attract others.”

What’s the last sound you want to hear before you die?

“Tipper scratch solo”


What’s your favorite possession?

“Probably my computer, just because it makes what I do possible.”


What is your spirit animal? 


Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 11.08.58 AM.png

Do you believe in the supernatural/paranormal?

“I am supernatural. lol I had to.”


When was the last time you were really happy and what made you happy?

“I am happy 95% of the time! I feel truly blessed to have been given the opportunities I have, and also to have been born in this day and age.”

Up and coming talent / rising new artists we should keep an eye on?

“oh, boy… Mystic Grizzly, Eazybaked, Chark, FRQ NCY, Digital D, Mickman, DeeZ, Tsimba, Keota, Mindset, Ludge, G-Space, VCTRE, Crimbrule, Smokestax, Cut Rugs, Fowl Play, Fryar, Houman, Omnist, Prophet, Chief Kaya, lumpy, Mersiv.”


Do you play video games? If so, what is your favorite console and why?

“I play fortnite on Xbox One but that’s about it. I don’t have too much free time for video games, but they’re good for clearing your head for a bit. Add my gamertag! – WompingWooks”

Do you have a favorite childhood memory?

“No real favorites, but I had a great childhood and my parents support me and my musical journey.”


What has been your most rewarding experiencing involving music?

“My most rewarding experience is the stories of my music bringing other people happiness. Just the other day, I had a girl come up to me and say she came to a show to see me play and met her current boyfriend through my music.”


What is your favorite event/venue/festival to play at? Why?

“So far, my favorite event that I’ve played was Fractal Beach down in Miami. This festival stood out to me because of the attention to detail on things that are important to me: sound and production. They also booked a ton of my close friends, so it was awesome to watch them share their creations as well.”

What has been a memorable performance for you? 

“I was really excited to play in Chicago May 4th with Mindset and Mystic Grizzly. It was my first time playing on Funktion One sound as well as my first time visiting Chicago.”


How did you become involved with Sugoi Collective? What does the Collective mean to you?

“I heard about Sugoi Collective through my buddy, Sleep Madness, and was welcomed with open arms. To us, it’s all about creating unique music and supporting each other. We turn music into a massive collaboration rather than a competition. This is simply a group of likeminded people coming together to have a greater impact on the scene.”

Anything you’re currently working on / anticipating that you’d like to share?

“I’m always working on multiple tracks at a time and am always excited to see how people react to every single one!” *laughs*


Fun fact about you that many of your fans may not know?

“I am about to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing from UCF. I have a professional sales job selling solar panels to homeowners Monday-Friday, and have always said that no matter how successful my music becomes, I would like to continue balancing out my creativity with my business side.”



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