Beats Antique with Russ Liquid & Axel Thesleff @ Concord Music Hall [GIVEAWAY]

Beats Antique with Russ Liquid & Axel Thesleff @ Concord Music Hall [GIVEAWAY]

Written by Fatima Hasan

On February 1, 2019, Concord Music Hall in Chicago will host performances by Beats Antique, Russ Liquid, and Axel Thesleff! 

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It’s impossible to describe Beats Antique using just a single genre. The group, comprised of Sidecar Tommy, David Satori, and Zoe Jakes, is known for their brilliant incorporation of different genres and musical influences in their work. They’ve mounted larger-than-life cross-country tours that have taken their vision to theaters across America. They’ve recorded much of their music in their Oakland studio, but they’ve also traveled across the world to record in places like Russia and Israel. Without a doubt, this group has solidified themselves in a unique position across the electronic music scene, especially with their skillful inclusion of Middle Eastern belly dance music, afro-beat, and hip-hop.
When asked what defines the experience of a Beats Antique performance, David Satori confidently proclaimed, “celebratory, dramatic, Booty Shakin’.” The group’s most recent album, Shadowbox, beautifully showcases their unique hybrid vibe while taking listeners on a journey through sound. Beats Antique performances set them apart from the rest because they enjoy telling stories through costumes and stage design. Beats Antique is able to blend so many different kinds of music in to an incredibly vibrant and distinctive sound. For the past 12 years, this group has been paving their own way through this industry in the most admirable of ways.
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Classically trained on the piano, trumpet, saxophone and flute, Russ Liquid spent his early 20’s touring the Caribbean and South America as part of a jazz quintet, playing resorts, cruise ships and dance clubs. Once the young composer was introduced to electronic music, his course in life was forever altered, and he soon discovered a new home in the international electronic music community.

Russ Liquid is the future-vintage groove-blasting maestro who has stirred the hearts and souls of electronic music lovers far and wide. Esteemed for his ingenious compositional approach, this cosmic virtuoso impresses his audiences with prophetic musical experiences. He throws down explosive beats while seamlessly adding flourishes of instrumental color and emotion.

Russ Liquid sets himself apart from other up-and-coming West Coast bass music producers through his extensive world-touring history and performance experience. He brings a fresh sound to electronic music as he injects melodies and emotions into the dance floor.

Hand-crafting sexy sounds by blending elements of many genres together, Russ Liquid applies the colorful tones of instrumental music to the realm of the beats with dance floor-rocking results. This talented producer has found an entirely new palette to “paint” with, and now he seeks to bridge the gap between classical and modern music with new electronic technology and sonic possibilities.

Axel Thesleff is an electronic producer and DJ based in Helsinki, Finland. His style is very diverse, ranging from bass heavy bangers to chill and deep tracks, never forgetting about the emotion and story behind each element of his music. His tunes will make subwoofers purr, but also deliver an emotional impact that resonate deeply with audience members around the globe.

Axel’s popularity has been driven up by his 2014 release, Bad Karma. This track has been streamed more than 300 million times on Youtube, and millions more on Spotify and Soundcloud. His other releases have also been publicized by the BBC Asian Network, Kiss Fm Romania, Ylex Finland and a number of other radio stations around the world.

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