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Valhalla Sound Circus [PREVIEW]

Valhalla Sound Circus [PREVIEW]

Written by Fatima Hasan

Valhalla Sound Circus (VSC) is a highly praised electronic bass music festival and circus that will be held July 18-22 in Quebec, Canada. Over the years, this event has been recognized for its eclectic music schedule and live performances. In an effort to pay tribute to the artistic value of flow, hooping, spinning poi, staff, aerial silks, fans, and all sorts of props are showcased throughout the weekend.

Since its inception in 2012, Valhalla has flourished into a extraordinary event that combines free expression, individuality, and community values with filthy bass and top-tier production. In addition to live musical performances and magnificent visual art installations, Valhalla encourages attendees to truly connect with not only one another, but with nature too. This year is extra special as the festival has migrated to a brand-spankin’ new land in Kazabazua, QC. Without question, Valhalla event organizers are dedicated to creating a multi-sensory, immersive, and meaningful experience for everyone involved.

“Over the years, Valhalla has transformed from a simple festival to a pilgrimage.”

Valhalla boasts three stages that are all unique, the Thunderground, Drakkar, and the Hive. Together, their synergy provides attendees with a diverse set of multi-dimensional experiences. The Thunderground has come to be known as the altar of bass music worship; it is immersed in the rich tapestry of trees, surrounded by ancient and worthy warriors of Valhalla’s past. This colossal wooden fortress is home to the shrine where the Gods bang their hammers in celebration of festival, friendship, and fiery frequencies!

Drakkar mimics the look and feel of a large ship being out at sea. This man-made monument is completely constructed from trees and tree trunks, (and a whole lot of love), sourced locally from the bountiful forests of the Valhalla site. Equipped with renowned 40hz Sound, Drakkar crashes through waves with a massive sea of vibrations.

Last but not least, the Hive is teeming with activity day and night, keeping your finger on its buzzing pulse is a challenging but rewarding task. Touching the borders of Valhalla, this sanctuary is home to diverse soundscapes and vibes, at once contrasting and complementing what’s going down at the Thunderground and Drakkar.

Tent camping at the festival is available for all attendees as it is included in the price of a weekend pass. For those who enjoy camping next to their vehicle, however, there is an additional pass that must be purchased. Additionally, Valhalla arranges shuttles for attendees from Ottawa and Montreal on Thursday before the festival and Monday after the festival.

This event is special because organizers strongly believe that the best way to truly experience a festival is to be a part of it. That means living every moment of this annual celebration side by side with fellow Valhallians who share the same love, support, and enthusiasm for Valhalla as you do. This remarkable community was built over many suns and moons, and strengthens with every edition, reinforcing its shared commitment to values such as mutual respect, acceptance, and unity. Everyone contributes to creating an environment where each other’s safety and well-being is a priority, while also enjoying the unique, fun, and friendly space that forms when we all come together to make some magic.

“Sleeping under the stars, finding warmth in the wilderness, at Valhalla you can be many things, but you’ll never be alone.”

If not more, Valhalla’s 2019 edition has some of the best established and up-and-coming artists in bass music. Here are some artists on my must-see list:


  • Ivy Lab


  • Shades


  • Shlump


  • Tripzy Leary


  • Angelic Root


  • Khiva


  • Pushloop


  • Pigeon Hole


  • Of The Trees


  • Esseks


  • kLL sMTH


  • Digital Ethos

…and many more!


Connect with Valhalla Sound Circus:



Facebook Event Page




All photography courtesy of Valhalla Sound Circus’ Facebook and Instagram page.


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