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Brew City Bass Boat Series: Agent Green [INTERVIEW]

Brew City Bass Boat Series: Agent Green [INTERVIEW]

Written and Interviewed by Fatima Hasan

“In your face, relentless, raw, Agent Green is influenced and inspired constantly by 90’s hip-hop. By using a refined old school process they strive to re-capture the essence of community, art, and rebellion that seems almost lost in today’s hip-hop culture. With Alec Fantl as emcee, and Jeff Alberts ripping the records, they combine their talents to show Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the rest of the planet what hip-hop means to them. The duo had been independently creating music for nearly a decade before stumbling upon one another at the Miramar Theater. Shortly after meeting, they started to record, and the rest is history. The duo focuses on engaging lyricism over drum loops made with a piece of equipment nearly as old as they are. They have finished and published a twelve-track album within the year titled “Colossal,” and they are currently in the mastering process for what will be their second published album. With a handful of international streams on Spotify and Apple Music, the group hopes to continue to expand on their horizons, their biggest opening gig to date is Exmag. They have hosted and headlined multiple events throughout the city of Milwaukee with the help of promoters like Lex Martin, Brew City Bass, and The Plug.”      -Biography-

Milwaukee based duo, Alec Fantl and Jeff Alberts, (aka Agent Green) are dedicated to displaying raw hip-hop music. We had the pleasure of chatting with Alec, the vocalist, to learn more about their work before setting sail with Brew City Bass for the 18th edition of their Milwaukee Boat Series featuring the masters of funk and groove, Exmag. Read on to learn more about Agent Green’s background, production process, and more!

Are there any topics in particular that you enjoy rapping about more than others? Why are these topics important to you?

Alec: I find that when I sit down and write I very rarely come to the table with a topic in mind. With that being said, my mind often drifts into thoughts of wealth inequality and injustice, or something more simple like the current state of hip hop and my peers.

What is your background? Did you grow up in Milwaukee?

Alec: I come from a small rural/suburban area between Madison and Milwaukee (not very hip hop) but I have been a Milwaukee native for about 7 years now.

What is your dream collaboration? (with a rapper or producer)

Alec: So many rappers/producers could qualify as a dream collab- but if I had to pick 2- MF DOOM and DJ Premiere

If you could tour with an already established artist, who would it be and why?

Alec: Lets just go with Metallica. Arena sized crowds– travel the world.

What would you like your listeners to gain from your music?

Alec: I would like people who listen to our music to gain a sense of freedom and rebellion. I believe the country/world doesn’t have enough radical thinkers.

What was your production process like for Colossal? How and why do you think this work represents who Agent Green is?

Alec: Colossal is our most complex and interesting work to date. There are many songs on the album where I take a fictional characters perspective and make it into a song. I think that this blending of perspectives helps people see that we are all capable of putting ourselves in someone elses shoes (sometimes not in a good way).

What do you do throughout the day besides music -related things?

Alec: I really enjoy rock climbing! Sometimes I will have the guilty pleasure of playing video games as well. One of our songs is inspired by Red Dead Redemption and another by L.A Noire.

In your opinion, what is the most difficult/challenging aspect of the music industry? Why?

Alec: Honestly it is just hard to put yourself out there. Not only is it hard to get your stuff in peoples ears, its hard to make them listen!

What are you most excited about with regard to your performance at the Brew City Bass Boat Series with Exmag?

Alec: I’m most excited to show the crowd a few new songs, relive a few old ones, and of course enjoy a cool lake Michigan breeze.

What does the future hold for Agent Green? Any long term or short term goals? What are you currently working on?

Alec: Well, our first Single, “Sixteen Shots” (the Red Dead inspired track) is dropping on September 20th. We have a few other singles we will be dropping until the album drops in mid November. So short term is to get people to listen to it! Right now we are also working on some tracks where Jeff (Agent Green‘s producer) loops/samples a couple guitar riffs and we make a track like that. We will be debuting a couple of those on the boat party! We hope to see everyone out there!

Be sure to stay on the lookout for new releases by Agent Green! For now we can confirm a track dropping on September 20 followed by a release party. Additional singles will drop on October 4th, October 18, and November 1. The wait will be over on November 15 when the duo releases their full album, along with another release party!


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