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Big Moves for Cannabis Culture – Miracle in Mundelein [Review]

Written by Breton Spiller

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of attending the 2-day Miracle in Mundelein concert, the first-ever Illinois event to allow legal on-site cannabis consumption. To be a part of such a historic event was an absolute honor. 

This event took place September 9-10 next to Rise Dispensary in Mundelein, IL. Filled with incredible music, energy, and more, The Miracle was surely one-of-a-kind.

Stephen Marley at The Miracle in Mundelein – shot by Breton Spiller

Day 1

The event started with a day filled with reggae and rap music featuring performances by Stephen Marley, Action Bronson, and Cypress Hill. Despite a bit of a travel delay, Marley’s performance was the perfect way to kick off this cannabis-themed concert. The inclusion of tunes by his father, Bob Marley, really encaptured the essence of this first-of-its-kind event. The entire performance set the tone for a wonderful weekend to come. 

What’s more, Action Bronson and Cypress Hill put on equally stellar shows, performing some of their most well-known hits and getting the crowd hyped.

Action Bronson at The Miracle in Mundelein – shot by Breton Spiller

Day 2

Day 2 of the event had a totally different but equally pleasant vibe. This day was the jam and funk day with performances by Karina Rykman, Lettuce, and Joe Russo’s Almost Dead. 

Rykman started the day with a lively set packed with fun original songs and a contagiously positive overall energy. I was thoroughly impressed, as this was my first time seeing her, and I will surely keep up with her career from here on out. 

Karina Rykman at The Miracle in Mundelein – shot by Breton Spiller

Lettuce, as per usual, brought the funkiest of funk and got the crowd grooving. With their musical style and energy, Lettuce was a perfect fit for The Miracle. 

The event closed out with two sets by Joe Russo’s Almost Dead. These guys sure know how to get a crowd grooving, and I’m happy we had two sets because one just would not have been enough. 

The solid overall production and sound quality were also key factors in enjoying these sets. 

Lettuce at The Miracle in Mundelein – shot by Breton Spiller

The Overall Production: Just Enough!

To elaborate on the event’s production, the overall setup for the Miracle was great. There wasn’t too much going on, and the team worked well with the space they had. The vendors and food choices were great and the crowd was just big enough to fill the space without feeling overcrowded.

Additionally, busses were consistently running to and from the parking lots, there was easy access to the Rise dispensary (with quick and efficient service once inside), short lines to get in, and several helpful staff on-site assisting guests as needed. 

Vendors + RISE – shot by Breton Spiller

That said, one suggestion for the future is to put the water refill station in a more central location rather than at the back of the vendor aisle. It took me asking if there was a water station to know this was here, as was seemingly the case with many other attendees. With limited shade, plenty of sunshine, and folks likely consuming a healthy amount of cannabis and liquor, water is essential and should be easy to find and access. At the very least, additional signage would be helpful. 

Dab Bars, Miracle Workers, and More

Regardless, many other aspects of the event made up for that minor issue. As previously mentioned, the Dr. Dabber Dab Bar was one of the event’s highlights. With electronic dab rigs, hot and ready to go, attendees could simply bring their concentrates up to the bar and take a dab whenever they needed! The “Miracle Workers” behind the bar sometimes even offered free samples. 

Miracle Workers assisting guests – shot by Breton Spiller

These Miracle Workers were also present throughout the event grounds, ready to assist folks in ordering their weed needs. All you had to do was find one of these green-shirted individuals with a tablet in hand and let them know what you wanted to order from the dispensary, and they’d get it all sorted so all you have to do is head on over to RISE and pick up your order. 

Moreover, the Revolution Cannabis booth on-site blessed some lucky attendees, myself included, with a voucher for a gram of concentrate for a PENNY. That’s right, a penny. Thanks, Revolution! 

Dab rigs at the Dr. Dabber Dab Bar – shot by Breton Spiller

Having all of these amenities and the ability to easily access cannabis like never before was surreal.

When I first consumed cannabis in my younger years, I never would have thought I’d be able to walk up to a dab bar at a concert or freely smoke my joint near a security guard without hesitation.

A True Miracle

With beautiful weather, people, and music, I don’t have many complaints about this event and will definitely attend if it happens again. This was truly a beautiful way to make an impact on cannabis culture and show that it really can be a wonderful thing.

Participating in a chill and easy-going event with just the essentials and not too much more was refreshing. Plus, I was able to be a part of history. The Miracle in Mundelein was truly a game-changing event, and I hope to see more of its kind pop up. 

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