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Great vibes, great music, and lots of love – Hangout Fest 2023 [Review]

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending Hangout Music Festival on the beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama. This event was one of a kind, with some of the best performances, the most remarkable people, and just an overall good vibe. 

There was one couple in particular that, with the help of the activism group Propeller, was able to get the ultimate Hangout experience while also helping another pair get their shot at a perfect weekend. 

The Giveaway

Dominic Medlin from Indiana had gifted Hangout Music Festival tickets to his wife, Lindsey, and given her affinity for the ocean, or as she says, her “tendency towards being a mermaid,” this beachside festival was the perfect gift for her. The two were also in dire need of a good getaway after 12 years of marriage and two children. (I won’t argue with that logic!)

As the days leading up to the festival dwindled, the Medlin’s happened upon something that would change their entire trip: the Propeller Super VIP ticket giveaway for Hangout Fest! 

“We learned about Propeller and were in awe of all the activism they provided while also providing the opportunity to earn points towards super awesome prizes,” Lindsey said. So, the couple took their chance and are so glad they did because they won! 

There was, however, now the issue of deciding what to do with their previously purchased tickets. “We wanted to bless someone as we had been blessed, so we figured we’d sell the package at a heavily discounted price,” they said.

That said, the couple took to the internet to try to find the perfect candidate. “Lo and behold, the most deserving couple seemed to appear out of internet thin air!” Lindsay explained. 

The receiving couple had met at Hangout Fest the year before, had a mock marriage at the festival’s on-site chapel, and had stayed together ever since. That story locked in the tickets for them, and the Medlin’s knew this was a perfect choice.

Dominic and Lindsey Medlin

Festival Fate

Moving forward, the time came to head to the beach. The Medlin’s immersed themselves right away in the glory of the Super VIP life. “With gourmet meals, front stage access, and bathrooms with actual AC (haha), we lived like a king and queen, and it was completely magical,” Lindsey described.

Additionally, the Medlin’s found the couple they blessed with discounted tickets, and, boy, did the couple have a surprise in store. The pair got engaged!

What’s more, the couple re-lived their first festival experience by having another mock wedding at the chapel! Of course, Dominic and Lindsey were in attendance. 

Further, the Medlin’s had a chapel moment of their own. They took this fantastic opportunity to renew their vows!

“We attended their second mock ceremony, and they attended our vow renewal; fun, yet meaningful is an understatement,” Lindsey said about the two love-filled events. 

So, with gifts, giveaways, and romance galore, the Medlin’s journey to and throughout Hangout Fest is genuinely one-of-a-kind. I was so happy to have the pleasure of hearing all about it.

“All the events leading up to [the festival] and thereafter seemed to be so connected and purposeful; it was all so meant to be,” Lindsey expressed.

The Rest of The Fest

Along with the fantastic story of the Medlin’s with freshly renewed vows and the newly engaged recipients of their first set of tickets, the festival was also truly amazing. There were incredible performances, great food and drinks, and many things to do and enjoy. 

Some standout performances include AJR, Flume, Stephen Sanchez, Sam Fischer, Skrillex, Thundercat, and Dr. Fresch, although the list could go on. 

Sam Fischer – Courtesy of Hangout Music Festival // [Credit: Alive Coverage]

The beachside stages were wonderful. Hanging in a hammock in the ocean while listening to Big Wild is also something I’d do again in a heartbeat. 

The Medlin’s say they’d love to return next year, and I wholeheartedly agree. This festival is one of the most unique and well-done festivals I have attended in a long time.

Tove Lo – Courtesy of Hangout Music Festival // [Credit: Alive Coverage]

I hope all of you who attended felt the same way and experienced as much love and joy as I did. 

A huge thank you goes out to Dominic and Lindsey Medlin for sharing their beautiful story. Another massive thank you to the Hangout Festival team for curating the perfect environment for this love to flourish. 

If you’d like to attend Hangout someday, keep up with Hangout Festival here. 

Find out more about Propeller and take action for your chance to win some incredible prizes here. 

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Find out more about the Good Music Collectiv here.

Written by Breton Spiller

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