Anomalie @ Chop Shop Chicago 4/12 [PHOTOS & REVIEW]

Anomalie @ Chop Shop Chicago 4/12 [PHOTOS & REVIEW]

Photography by Alex Janowski

Written by Fatima Hasan

If you’re looking for an artist that constantly pushes boundaries and pursues music that is completely his own, look no further. Nicolas Dupuis, better known by his stage name Anomalie, is an incredibly versatile and uniquely trained producer and keyboardist from Montreal, Canada. He creates a hybrid style of music that mixes electronic, hip-hop, and jazz together! After gaining Gramatik’s attention on social media, Anomalie was invited to tour with him as a keyboard player. This is when he began working on his revered Métropole EP, which was eventually released under Gramatik’s label Lowtemp. In 2018, Anomalie then released his highly anticipated Métropole Part II, which continued on with Dupuis’ theme of relating each song to a particular location in Montreal that is meaningful to himself and the city’s growing music scene.

From his days back in high school making music on GarageBand, to his 4-year program studying jazz performance, then to his introduction to a local hip hop jam session in Montreal, Dupuis wields a plethora of diverse experiences rooted in his classical background, which has heavily influenced who Anomalie is today. Nicolas Dupuis is not only a genius on the piano, but also possesses an incredible stage presence by putting immense love and life into his live performances.

Through his hardwork and dedication, Anomalie’s production level and showmanship has become recognized internationally. Fans can now catch him LIVE with a 4-piece band, which truly brings his shows to life. We had a chance to check out his live band performance at the Chop Shop in Chicago on April 12! It was a stellar experience being able to vibe to his set while watching his fingers move so swiftly and perfectly over the keyboard. Peep the photos below for an inside look!

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